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The Middle Sister

Title: The Middle Sister
Fandom: Charmed
Rating: T (for everyone)

Phoebe Halliwell sat in the attic of the Halliwell Manor and smoothed her fingertips over the page before her. She and Piper had only just recently buried Prue and discovered Paige. It was just another week in the lives of the Charmed Ones.

And so she had written in the Book of Shadows. She had written about Prue's death, and about reforming the Power of Three with Paige.

A younger sister. Her baby sister. That thought alone scared her more than she could begin to put into words.

Phoebe had always been the youngest of the Halliwell sisters. She had been rebellious, lived life fancy free, and shirked responsibility whenever she could. And in the blink of an eye, she had become the middle sister…a job Piper had always struggled with as the intermediary between Phoebe and Prue.

Middle sister. The mediator, the confidant, the one adept at the juggling act of three sisters.

It wasn't a job Phoebe was looking forward to being sucked into. Much like being a Charmed One, it wasn't a job she had asked for. It had just been fated to be in her life. Still, Phoebe had her doubts that she was ready to be the middle sister of the Charmed Ones.

Phoebe thought back to all the times Piper had intervened between Prue and herself. Piper had been a barrier to Prue's wrath more times than Phoebe could begin to count, pled her case to Prue when she'd screwed up, and made sure that they were a family. Piper had been born for the position and had filled it well. Phoebe wasn't sure she could even come close to doing as good a job.

She lifted a photograph of Prue from the Charmed Ones section of the Book of Shadows and studied her sister's smile for a moment. She'd been angry with Prue plenty of times, but now, Phoebe was absolutely furious. How could Prue put her in this situation? How could Prue force her to take on responsibilities that she couldn't handle? How could Prue just leave her like this?

Phoebe broke down into tears, folded her arms, and lay her head upon the Book of Shadows to deal with the inevitable wave of grief that flooded her.

Looking over Phoebe from her new perch above, Prue looked to their mother, Patty, with concern, "Can she really handle this, Mom? Phoebe has never been particularly responsible about anything."

Patty gently rubbed her daughter's shoulder, "Don't worry about Phoebe, Prue. She was born to be the middle sister to Piper and Paige, much the same way Piper was born to be the middle sister to you and Phoebe. It will work out for them. There will be a period of adjustment, but I know that Phoebe will make a wonderful middle sister," She smiled full of assurance that Phoebe would be the perfect middle sister for the renewed Charmed Ones.

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Oh, I love this. I had just seen the episode where Piper ruminated about Phoebe struggling w/ being the middle sister. Perfect timing for this.