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A Day in the Life of the Dax - Part 1

Title : A Day in the Life of the Dax - Part 1
Fandom: Star Wars
Author : Indie
Rating : A
Prompt : # 056 (breakfast)
Disclaimer: Star Wars doesn’t belong to me. No copy right infringement intended.

FIXin DAX; said the bright neon sign on the corner of the 8th Street of Almeraville. It was one of hundreds of small towns in small planet of Romoc in the outer rim. The town maybe small, but most of the people of Almeraville were big at heart and kindness. Almeraville was an agricultural town that supplied grains and beans to the local cities in Romoc.

FIXin Dax was a garage, where the farmers and towners used to go to service their speeders and small crafts and farm equipments. The owner was a man in his mid forties, Kyle Dax. He was the exact manifestation of the words tall, dark and handsome. He had dark brows and dark eyes. Although he didn’t talk much, people easily saw kindness and love in his eyes. He had strong arms and hands which would shake anyone’s hands tenderly. At the first glance, anyone would consider him trustworthy.

Kyle Dax lived in a small house with large garden and small pond not too far away from his garage. His wife, Vivian, was also a wonder to tell. She was 20 years younger than Kyle and very beautiful. Opposite to Kyle, she had blonde hair and bright green eyes. Her skin was pale, but she had a warm smile. If Kyle was big and strong, Vivian was petite and looked fragile, although in fact she was a very dynamic person. Vivian Dax also worked, although not a full-timer. Two nights in a week she sang in a local pub for two to three hours each night. Her voice was angelic and she danced beautifully. When she sang, the pub was usually packed mostly with young people who loved to dance into her music. The owner of the club had offered her to work more, but each time she rejected and said that she would like to devote her time at home to her husband and son.

A Son. Yes, Kyle and Vivian had a 4 year old son named Ronon. He was another story. When the couple first came to Almeraville, Ronon was only a few months old. However, in 4 years of his life in this town, Ronon had proven to be different from other children in Almeraville. He had not only inherited the beauty of his parents, he was also strong like his father and talented like his mother… he was way smarter than any children of his age, or older… much older. The town people would consider Ronon a genius. Finally, before his 3rd birthday, the parents thought that he had no longer the need to attend formal education. For the last one year, nobody except his parents had ever known how advance Ronon was in comparison with other children in town. All in all, Ronon was still a child and he was an adorable one. Everybody like Ronon… like everybody like the Dax.

“Boys… breakfast’s ready!” Vivian yelled from the dining room.

The room was small. In the middle there was a round dining table with four chairs, facing the large windows and glass door with garden view.

Sounds of footsteps followed by giggles were heard before Kyle stepped inside the room carrying Ronon on his back. As they all sat down, Kyle watched the faces of his loved ones with mixed feelings of proud and joy.

“So, what’s your schedule?” He asked his lovely wife.

Vivian smiled, “I have finished it, so I’m going to rehearse it with the band this morning.”

Ronon clapped his hands, “You’ve finished a new song? I wanna see you rehearse, mommy.”

“Today is tech-mech day.” Kyle reminded his son.

Kyle and Vivian raised their son in a unique way. For each day of the week, Ronon had to go either with his mom or dad and spend the whole day studying. However, unlike normal kid, Ronon learned more detailed lessons. Tech-mech day was a day where he had to learn things about technology and mechanics, which usually included ship and craft machinery, practical appliances, weaponry, and piloting various space crafts. Kyle would take him to his garage and gave him an assignment to be finished. Sometimes it was a computer simulation; many times it was real application.

“Can I exchange it, daddy? Tomorrow I’ll go with you.”

“No, baby, you have to go with your dad today according to your schedule.”

“Aw, mommy, please…”

“You can watch the real live performance.” Vivian winked.


“Yes, really! Come on, finish your breakfast.” Kyle said, exchanging looks with Vivian, disagreed upon her decision to let their son watch her sing in the club at night.

Half an hour later Vivian Dax stood at the front yard waving goodbye to her husband and son.

“See you at lunch, mommy!” Ronon shouted as the speeder flew away in speed.
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