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TinGA's First Entry

Hi Gang,

this is my first entry to the Fic 100 :-)

Fandom: Resident Evil
Synopsis: Alice reflects on meeting Carlos Olivera.
Rating: T

Carlos Olivera…he and I didn't exactly meet on good terms for the first time. I mean…I did hold my gun on him, he'd been bitten, and I politely told him that today was his lucky day. As far as first meetings go, it was definitely odd.

But there was something about him. I could tell that he was different from others I'd met who worked for the Umbrella corporation. He was…dare I say it…like me. Idealistic…to a point we were blind to the evil surrounding us until it was too late to save ourselves from it.

When I sat beside him in the truck as we traveled through Raccoon City, I felt him near me. It wasn't just knowing he was beside me, it was an instinctive feeling that he was near. I don't know if it is because of the virus, but I could feel this man's very pulse in my own.

At the rendezvous site with the transport, I met his eyes. I saw everyone else, but I met this man's eyes. What is it about him that has me so attuned to him?

After the crash so much becomes a blur. But I do remember seeing him at the facility when the group came to rescue me. Seeing his handsome face, his reassuring smile, and his eyes that told me everything would be all right…it all felt as if it were destined to be this way.

I don't know where things go from here. I don't know what we'll do or where we'll be, but I do know that this is just the beginning for myself and Carlos Olivera. This is just the beginning.

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Love it! I really like the idea of Alice and Carlos together. This piece was a nice look at her thoughts and feelings. Very sweet. :)
That's the first time I've written in the Resident Evil fandom, but it just felt right. There may be some more where that came from LOL

Thanks again!