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In the Middle

Fandom: CSI:Miami
Rating T - for everyone.

“Finally, a day off,” Calleigh sighed, stretching languorously in her comfortable bed. Some days it felt like she barely touched the mattress before having to head back to the crime lab.

“A quick shower, and then on to my ‘to do’ list,” she answered herself absently.

“Hrumph,” she expelled, thinking about all the chores in store. “Some day off.”
After her shower, she dressed and tied her long blonde hair back to keep it out of her way while she tackled the household chores.

She tossed a load of delicates in the washer, then on to some light housework. Meticulous about her belongings, all there really was to do in the spacious apartment was some light dusting and vacuuming.

With her Ipod strapped to her arm, the ear buds snug in her ears, she enjoyed a little jazz while working. It sure beat listening to the drone of the vacuum. A faint tickle at her hip interrupted her task, and she lifted the pager from its holder.

“Figures,” she answered the screen in annoyance. “Why is it you go off…always in the middle of something?”

Now more exasperated with herself for talking to a pager, she disentangled herself from the Ipod, and returned it to her purse.

In the middle…of laundry.
In the middle…of a good dream.
In the middle…of grocery shopping.
In the middle…of a movie I’d badly wanted to see.
In the middle…of vacation.
In the middle…

She smiled secretly, thinking of her lover.

Later that day, Calleigh entered the elevator with Ryan Wolfe. He and Eric Delko had just had another of their patented confrontations. She, trying to play devil’s advocate, defended Eric.

“You always take his side,” Wolfe accused.

Casting Ryan a sideways glance, a hint of a smile tilting the corners of her mouth, she said, “Funny…he says the same thing about you.”

It took all her might to keep from laughing at the thought that popped into her head.

Monkey in the middle…
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