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Seeds of Hope

Here's another  terrific entry for Indie!  Keep 'em coming, Lady!  I'm totally enjoying your work :)

Author: Indie
Rating: T
Fandom: Star Wars

Seeds of Hope
(F-100 # 029)

His name was pain.
His domain was darkness.
His strength was shadow.
His weakness was…

Ardeth bowed before him as he was given his new name: Darth Indie. He had made him his apprentice and Ardeth had to address him Master. Master-Apprentice; a relationship he’d never had before.

His name was Ray’Tac
His domain was Ord Mantell
His strength was dark force
His weakness was…

Ardeth learned well from his Master. He gained knowledge of force manipulation. He was trained to control his power. He became more skilled at sword fighting. He discovered new ways to be a winner. He had been taught many things but how to achieve his freedom.

His name was misery
His domain was obscurity
His strength was vengeance
His weakness was himself

Ardeth held on his sword up high. The very sword that had enslaved him for years. The demon was not inside him, it was inside his sword. It has found the weakness of his Master. It would sever his connection with him. It would prevent him from breaking free. The demon would destroy each seed of hope that his Master had generously planted.

In anger, he dwelled. In hatred he lived. In darkness he would rise. Yet, the time had not yet come for him to fight. The demon had awakened and he was not prepared to face it.

The sword slipped from his hands and darted through the air in an unimaginable velocity. Ardeth watched hopelessly as it went through his Master’s chest, piercing his heart, taking his breath away forever.

His name had been Ray’Tac
His domain was oblivion
His strength was wisdom
His weakness had been… his apprentice.

The birth of a new Sith was cut short by a demon’s vengeance. Yet, the seeds of hope had grown stronger than ever before. And on the edge of dawn, they would rise in the heart of a true Sith. It was only a matter of time, until he found someone stronger than his demon.

Patience… was the key.

Ardeth walked away. The rain started falling. It washed away the blood. It washed away the tears. But it could never wash away the pain.
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