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Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi Master, lifted his face into the rain and sighed heavily. He drew back the hood of his robe and let the water soothe his skin. Refreshing and cool, it seemed he felt every drop against his skin.
Closing his eyes against the night sky he drew in a deep breath and held it before letting it out slowly. Overhead a small security orb buzzed at him from the edge of the Contemplation Balcony and stopped a foot away from his face.
Bright blue eyes burned at it, his face lifted to stare into the blinking red eye that was checking who he was before it buzzed on again. His eyes refocussed on the stream of traffic cruising the lanes just below the Balcony. Suddenly a small red aircar broke off and steered towards the Jedi Temple. For a moment he caught the raindrops falling, lit brilliantly by the lights at the front of the car, caught the colours that light through water made.
The moon was bright - almost full - and low in the sky. Stars were blotted out by the lights from the huge planet city that stretched below him and so, to him, the sky seemed one unending mass of night.
Somewhere out there, he knew as surely as he knew the planet was turning slowly on its axis, that there was a greater darkness that waited. Beyond what he could see or sense, beyond what he could imagine - for who could imagine that after all? Darkness beyond darkness, beyond understanding, beyond sense.
He pulled his hood over his hair and tucked his hands into the wide sleeves of his robe.It would not be long now.
He turned at the sound of his apprentice's voice.
"It's time to leave."
He nodded and moved towards the door where the young man waited inside the shelter of the building.
The door closed softly behind him.
The rain lessened for a few minutes, blowing in small gusts against the walls of the Temple, soaking into all the small cracks and fissures that a building that age had. The storm began later.
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