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New Beginning

Here's my first entry -- 001 New Beginning.

Fandom -- UC:Undercover
Synopsis -- Donovan's thoughts before choosing to lead the special ops team.

Six months out of action and I’m offered my choice of assignments. Wouldn't that be a kick in the ass for Director Booth if I told him the only job I wanted was his? Brushing aside his uncharacteristic sarcastic humor, he got down to business and plowed through the list of available assignments.

UC – been there, done that.

K&R – been there too. Been through too much there. Had it been worse than the undercover gig? He didn’t really have to think about it too long. It was. At least when he was undercover, there was some relative control factor. K&R – control was an illusion. The only control was the finger on the trigger that blew away the victim.

He held no illusion that a situation such as that would never darken his door again. No, it was always a possibility. Didn’t mean he had to go looking for it, though.

He shuffled past numerous administrative positions. He had little regard for bureaucrats. It was usually their blind arrogance that put his ass in danger.

“Next,” he muttered aloud. The sound of his voice echoed in his empty apartment.

The sound of pages turning continued until his eyes rested on the words “Justice Department: Commander, Special Operations”. After reading the profiles of the team members and the thorough, yet detached account of how the former commander had lost his life, Special Agent In Charge Frank Donovan knew his new life was destined to be made with the four surviving members of this unit.

He sighed heavily, unaware at how the thought of leaving K&R behind him would be such a relief. Six months of nightmares, repeatedly watching as a terrorist hell-bent on escape shielded himself with an innocent woman who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. The matter was made worse by the infant she held protectively to her shoulder. To show his pledge to his cause, the terrorist shouted his loyalty to his God and pulled the trigger to the gun that rested against the woman’s temple.

Donovan would never be able to erase from his memory the sight as the bullet tore through the woman’s head only to embed itself in her innocent child. Death was instant for both victims, but not before he saw the accusing look in the mother’s eyes that said he should have been able to save her baby.

What happened to the terrorist? He was taken to a federal prison where he was shot while attempting to escape.

A smile of disgust formed on his face while he reached for the phone. Even Donovan had ‘friends’ in low places. “Get the team back together…they have a new leader.”

And my life begins again.


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