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A Day in the Life of the Dax - Part 2

Title : A Day in the Life of the Dax - Part 2
Fandom: Star Wars
Author : Indie
Rating : A
Prompt : # 057 (lunch)
Disclaimer: Star Wars doesn’t belong to me. No copy right infringement intended.

“Come on, I really have to go now.” Vivian Dax pleaded her friends.

“One more time, Viv, we haven’t got it right.” Mac, the leader of the band begged her.

“You guys can rehearse without me. I have to cook for lunch, otherwise my husband and son will starve.” Vivian laughed seeing Mac’s pleading face.

“They can eat out…” Serena, the guitarist said, “My husband does that often.”

“Come on Viv, you know you’re gonna get us out of this town one day.”

“What’s that suppose to mean, Mac?”

“Well, you know… your songs are great. They will get us out… become big... touring across the galaxy… you know, like a great band?” Serena replied.

Vivian did not know what to say, she stared at them blankly.

“I know you never thought of that, but I’m very sure you have the idea too… don’t you?”

“I don’t know, Mac… I have family… I…”

“I have family too, Viv. I have a wife and two kids… but this is not something that we do for fun. This is what we are… what you are. You have potentials. You sing beautifully and you have written great songs. You can be big… even without us.”

“Can we not talk about this now? I really have to go.”

“What’s wrong with you, Viv? You seem so full of spirit when you finish a song, but you are always reluctant to go out there.” Serena asked, “Isn’t it the point of writing songs? So that people can listen to them? One way or another we have to go out there, Viv, to get more people to listen to our songs… your songs. We are growing and one day this town will be too small for us.”

Vivian smiled at both her friends, “If that day comes, I promise you that you two can have all my songs. I may not be able to go with you, but my songs will. The songs that I have written for this band are all yours to keep. Now, I really have to go. See you tomorrow, guys.”


Ronon ran towards his mother the moment she arrived at FIXin DAX.

“What’s for lunch, mommy?” The handsome boy walked by her side.

“Your favorites. Where’s your dad?”

“He’s still fixing Mr. Bonasera’s speeder with Almida.”

Almida was Kyle’s assistant and only employee. He was a young man of 21 years old. He had his right leg replaced with robotics after a terrible accident 5 years ago. The right side of his face had been badly burnt and he looked horribly ugly despite of the surgery he had been through. He also lost his right sight in the accident. Almida had difficulties finding works in the farms due to his disabilities, but Kyle Dax saw that he had other talents then farming. Kyle trained him to become a mechanic and employed him at his garage. In a way, Kyle Dax had saved his life.

Vivian left her son eating in the small office inside the garage and walked to find her husband. He saw him and Almida were conversing beside an old speeder. Their hands and work-clothes were smudged with oil and grease.

“Now, you boys should take a break.” Smiling, she addressed them with her sweet melancholic voice.

Kyle’s face was brightened, “Lunch time already?” He landed a light kiss on his wife’s forehead, carefully as not to let his dirty hands and clothes touched her.

“Hello, Mrs. Dax.” Almida said politely.

“Hi, Almida, come on, let’s have lunch together. I bring enough food for all of us.”

“Thank you, ma’am, but I need to go on an errand.”

And so the Dax family had the luxury of the small office as their dining hall. Kyle noticed that his wife seemed a little bit preoccupied.

“Is everything alright, love?” He asked.

Ronon quickly watched his mother more carefully, trying to find out why his father suddenly asked the question.

“It’s nothing that worth your concern.” Vivian smiled.

“Everything that causes that frown to appear on my lovely wife’s face is worth my concern.” Kyle answered, before sipping the afternoon tea from his glass.

Ronon looked at his father and mother in turn, trying to be more perceptive.

“It’s the band. Mac and Serena planned to tour outside this city, to get more audience, more money.”

For a few seconds, Kyle did not say anything waiting for his wife to go on with her story, but she didn’t say anything else.”

“What did you say?” He finally broke the silence.

Vivian sigh, “What’s necessary to be said.”

“I’m sorry…” Kyle held his dear wife’s hand to show his sympathy, but not too much that might raise questions from their ever observant son.

“Why are you sorry, daddy?” Still a question was posed by Ronon.

Kyle looked at his son, “Because your mother is not going with the band.”

“Why, mommy?”

“Because I can’t leave you boys alone.” Vivian said, smiling.

Ronon nodded, as if he understood, “I don’t want you to go away, mommy, I want you here with us… don’t we, daddy?”

Both Vivian and Kyle laughed and said yes in chorus.

“Don’t worry, baby, mommy is not going anywhere without you. You should remember that always, OK? Mommy is never going to leave you ever!”
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